Spark The Imagination

Located in one of the most traditional and antique village of the island you feel the past that will surely travel you trough your toughts to an other world, letting your imagination to create scenaries and landscapes of an other era.

Minimal and Comfortable

The interior design of the whole complex has been restorated in respect of the cycladic style, where most of the forniture is built in cement and rocks,with harmonious and curved shapes and minimal design. 

Welcome ” On An Island “… !!!

Our traditional complex of houses and apartmens is located just few minutes on walking from the centre of Fira. The hotel has been established in an old structure of 1920 that was a “canava” a winery, so part of the rooms have curved roofs excavated in the rocks, that offer a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. The hotel is surrounded by stone paved courtyards that are still keeping the traditional style of the era when the building has been built.

All the apartments include air condition, WIFI, dining area, kitchenette, living area with cable TV.


Santorini: A Magical World


About The Island

Santorini offers a surreal atmosphere where are perfectly mixed History, Mythology and legend. The perfect place where to get married, to fall in love, to get relaxed yourself… multicolored beaches, active volcano, wellness and delicious typical food will surely make your vacation unforgettable! It is the top destination in Greece and among the most romantic one also in the world. Located in the Aegean Sea, in the Cyclades islands, Santorini island was the site of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in the world and what remains today is a submerged volcano and a caldera. Amazing villages has been constructed on the edge of this caldera, with Cycladic architecture and breathtaking view to the sea. Apart from the fabulous caldera villages, Santorini is also famous for the romantic sunset, the wines and the active volcano still visitable.